About CreativeBriefs.xyz

Welcome to CreativeBriefs.xyz! Our platform supports design students, creative pros, and career changers aiming to elevate their skills. Perfect for beginners or those updating their portfolios, we offer fictional creative briefs tailored for marketing, visual, and brand designers. These briefs simulate real-world projects and scenarios you’d face working for an agency, freelancing, or on an in-house design team.

We know how crucial it is to stand out in design, so we've created a variety of creative briefs focused on brand and marketing design. These briefs are designed to challenge and inspire, helping you sharpen your skills and display your talent. Whether you're a beginner or shifting careers, join us to elevate your design abilities to new heights!


At CreativeBriefs.xyz, we're focused on improving and expanding our offerings. In this Roadmap section, we'll share our goals for the coming year and beyond, including launching new briefs, expanding to other disciplines, and building a community. Join us as we grow and evolve to better serve you.

This YEar

Initial Launch

CreativeBriefs.xyz was launched in February 2023 with only 20 creative briefs.

Continuous Development

CreativeBriefs.xyz will aim to publish a new creative brief at least once every month for 2023.

Improve Website Experience

Over the coming months, the plan is to improve the overall user experience by improving the site's mobile functionality as well as adding new features, like 'search.'


Maybe 2023
Add Other Disciplines

Currently, CreativeBriefs.xyz is crafted for marketing, visual, and brand focused projects, but we'd like to expand to include other creatives briefs like copywriting or digital product design.
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Maybe 2023
Add Other Contributors

At the moment, its just George (and ChatGPT), but hopefully the team will grow to include more disciplines and more diverse representation.
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Maybe 2023
Add Design Tips Blog

We'd love to add more learning capabilities on CreativeBriefs.xyz, including a weekly or bi-weekly design tip blog.
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maybe 2023
Launch Community

Learning is bi-directional and the ability to ask the community questions is really important. We don't know what format our community will take, but look forward to getting it started!
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George Little

I'm a human-designer and Creative Director. My background in the design world ranges from branding to furniture to buildings. I created this site and curate the creative briefs.

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Custom GPT 4

I am an AI language model developed by OpenAI. I helped write lots of the briefs found across this site!
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I am an AI image-generator, designed to create images using text prompts and paramaters. I helped create the images found across this site!
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Founding Story

Early in my career, I switched from architecture to marketing and brand design. This shift was tough, mainly because proving your skill without multiple successful projects is challenging. Nowadays, designers secure jobs based on their portfolios and teamwork skills. Like many, I lacked professional chances to tackle desired project types. That's why our website offers numerous real-world-based creative briefs to guide you.

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Trademark Disclaimer: The brands featured on this site are for educational and reference purposes only and are not affiliated with creativebriefs.xyz. Any events, products, brand-names, or marketing strategies are completely fictitious and don't reflect opinions or strategies of the featured brand.
Created by George Little