What is CreativeBriefs.xyz

CreativeBriefs.xyz is a website designed to help design students, creative professionals, and career transitioners bring their skills to the next level. The site is packed with creative briefs to provide inspirational made-up projects to help build out their portfolios and help users grow in their careers. The key to nailing a solid position with any creative team is having a killer portfolio filled with real-world, business-oriented design. Beautiful logos, graphic artwork, and any other captivating visuals are, of course, key to a well crafted portfolio, but having work that can be discussed in a case study manner can do wonders when related your design work to non-design interviews, managers, or stakeholders. This website was created to provide practice creative briefs for folks trying to improve their work.

Who is this site for?

The Design Community! The site was created to help design students, creative pros trying to improve their portfolios, and those trying to make a career transition and need some creative constraints to work within. Its for anyone who needs a little inspiration or something interesting to take a stab at. There are loads of project examples and prompts out there for product-related design, but less so for brand and marketing design related work... until now!

What’s the best way to use this site and its briefs?

This site was made to provide inspiration and creative constraints for mock-up projects to help improve design portfolios. You can think of each creative brief as a example of a real-world project many visual and marketing designers encounter on a daily basis. Instead of trying to invent your own projects to fill out a portfolio, you can use our creative briefs to create projects that will be more aligned with the roles your trying to land.

Where do the briefs come from? Are they real projects?

All of the creative briefs on this website are made up. Each is created by a contributor with experience in the field and is crafted to help you practice and showcase critical skills in the brand, creative, and marketing design space. None of these briefs represent real projects, nor are they endorsed by the company's mentioned within - these are prompts for practice and fun!

Can anyone submit a creative brief?

Yes, if you have an idea for a great creative brief, please feel free to submit it here. Thanks for helping to improve the community!

There are real company’s used in the briefs. Is this site intended to generate free work for them?

No - absolutely not. Any companies mentioned in creative briefs are there for example purposes only. Often times, particularly when doing brand refinement projects or marketing campaigns, it’s helpful to use real world examples. However, these companies have no association with CreativeBriefs.xyz.

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